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After sales service & spare parts: an exceptional quality of service, second to none in the boating industry.

technical team

The Sailing for Pleasure Contract with a 3 year warranty extension* 

A team of dedicated office-based and travelling professionals 

A unique catalogue of spare parts 

A highly responsive team 

Present worldwide

Your boat’s life does not end after you’ve bought it!

 * in compliance with the Beneteau warranty’s general terms and conditions

Beneteau has its own financing company. This develops exclusive financial products, because you do not finance your boat in the same way as you would your house or your car!

  SGB Finances

SGB Finance, Group Beneteau’s Financial Partner, created 10 years ago, can assist you with your search for the best financing solution (Loan, LP, LOCASSURANCE) and insurances (Personal Insurance and Sailing Insurance).  

SGB Finance is committed to innovating to simplify your financing and make your boat the one you’ve dreamed of for so long.

SGB Finance is a subsidiary of the CGL and Beneteau Groups. SGB Finance - 69, avenue de Flandre - 59708 Marcq-en-Baroeul cedex - France. Limited company with a registered capital of 6,054,250 Euros - Company registration No. 422 518 746 – RCS Lille Métropole. Intracommunity VAT No.: FR 20 422 518 746


Beneteau has its own brokerage company and offers exclusive services for buying and selling second hand boats throughout Europe.

When buying a boat, a frequent question is whether it will be easy to sell again.

Thanks to an international network counting more than 200 professionals throughout Europe, www.eyb-boats.com offers you a selection of second hand boat advertisements classified by members of the sailing industry. Offers from all over Europe are centralized and updated in real time on the EYB Internet site. You will also find advertisements selected from the specialized press in Europe and at large European boat shows. 

Talk to your BENETEAU dealer about it!

Customer Satisfaction Index


Beneteau, together with its network of dealers, have implemented an international client satisfaction measurement service called My Beneteau Experience. Each new BENETEAU customer is questioned on his level of satisfaction with the service provided by his/her BENETEAU dealer, as well as in relation to the boat.

How does BENETEAU contact you?

When you buy your boat and your dealer hands it over to you, you fill in a BENETEAU sailing for pleasure contract with your dealer.

Then, My Beneteau Experience will contact you directly by e-mail to find out what you think and any comments you may have, by means of a questionnaire online.  After a year of sailing, My Beneteau Experience will send you a new questionnaire to ask your impressions of this boat and to assess the service you have been provided by your Beneteau dealer in the year gone by.”


There is a Club where you can realise your dreams; where you can swap with other sailors; where you can attend exclusive events as a VIP; where you can get full details of your favourite boats. 

Join the BENETEAU Yacht Club, which is primarily a community of keen owners, unique in sailing, uniting more than 40 countries and 135 different models of Bénéteau boats.

With the BENETEAU Yacht Club, a whole world of privileges is available to you. You will be able to make some of your sailing dreams come true and share with others your taste for adventure.

Why not subscribe to the BENETEAU Yacht Club ?

  • Have access to the international network of BENETEAU boat owners
  • Take part in BETWEEN US, our programme of boat swapping between Beneteau boat owners who are eager for new horizons
  • Benefit from preferential rates in the BENETEAU boutique
  • Get news and exclusive reports on your boat. Take advantage of the BENETEAU YACHT CLUB BLOG to take part in discussions, ask questions, carry out swaps and engage fully with the global community of Beneteau boat owners

    To learn more about the BENETEAU Yacht Club and its privileges, visit the www.beneteauyachtclub.com website, where you can also talk to your Bénéteau dealer.

9 commitments of Bénéteau and its dealer network

Your Bénéteau dealer - a leisure-craft professional at your service
Meeting the strict service requirements applied by Bénéteau and its network, your dealer does a lot more than just sell boats. He’s an experienced professional well-versed in all aspects of leisure craft. Backed by a team of qualified and regularly-trained technicians, he is always there to advise you, whatever your needs.

2 Personal assistance with boat handover, from delivery onwards
Your Bénéteau dealer is committed to making the handover process as smooth as possible, and helping you with everything you need to get you on the water, from securing a berth to licensing, registration, insurance, sailing and navigation skills.

Ongoing maintenance for your boat
Your dealer is there to help you draw up a list of items you should check regularly, advise you on any maintenance that may be necessary and supply you with replacement or additional equipment.

4 Open prices
Your Bénéteau dealer offers clearly-itemized prices for any work your boat may require, including labour charges, lift-out, winter storage and the most frequently used spares. Your Bénéteau dealer will always submit a quotation before beginning any work.

5 Meeting services deadlines
Because your Bénéteau dealer is there to help you get the most out of your boat, he will carry out any work as quickly as possible and meet any deadlines he agrees.

6 Spare parts availability
To make sure you receive the fastest and most efficient service possible, Bénéteau operates a centralised spare parts service for the most frequently used parts. Whatever the problem, Bénéteau is committed to supplying your dealer with whatever you need (subject to stock availability).

7 a 3 year warranty on parts and labour*
Acting on your dealer’s diagnosis, Bénéteau will replace all parts agreed by the Bénéteau technical department as defective. This warranty applies for a period of 3 years following delivery of your new boat. The warranty applies to both parts and labour, and is valid as long as you take your boat to your dealer for a full and compulsory annual overhaul conducted at your expense.

7 b  5 year structural warranty*
Acting on your dealer’s diagnosis, Bénéteau will repair any defect to the hull and deck of your boat agreed by the Bénéteau technical department to be the result of faulty manufacture. This warranty applies for a period of 5 years from delivery of your new boat.

*In accordance with Bénéteau’s general warranty conditions.

8 Permanent assistance
Wherever in the world you sail, there is a Bénéteau dealer on hand to advise and assist you. Please visit www.beneteau-boats.com for a list of Bénéteau dealers.

Full services right through to selling your Bénéteau
Your dealer will also help you prepare to sell your boat at the best possible price, including checking the boat and its fittings, conducting a detailed technical survey and estimating its value. Your dealer will also be delighted to offer you a part-exchange against your next Bénéteau.