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Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction Index


Beneteau, together with its network of dealers, have implemented an international client satisfaction measurement service called My Beneteau Experience. Each new BENETEAU customer is questioned on his level of satisfaction with the service provided by his/her BENETEAU dealer, as well as in relation to the boat.

How does BENETEAU contact you?

When you buy your boat and your dealer hands it over to you, you fill in a BENETEAU sailing for pleasure contract with your dealer.

Then, My Beneteau Experience will contact you directly by e-mail to find out what you think and any comments you may have, by means of a questionnaire online.  After a year of sailing, My Beneteau Experience will send you a new questionnaire to ask your impressions of this boat and to assess the service you have been provided by your Beneteau dealer in the year gone by.”