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Everything started in 1990.

After years of regatta racing on board Half Toners, genuine technological laboratories making cost control and competitive equality virtually impossible, the idea of a championship on equal terms began to form in the minds of sailors. This is how at BENETEAU,  the first Figaro Beneteau, designed by the architects Berret and Finot, came into being. In its wake an association was formed uniting skippers, owners and organisers: the Figaro Beneteau Class (non-profit making association). 

On board this one-design, generations of sailors followed each other, making this circuit a model in a class of its own.

The arrival of the Figaro Beneteau 2 was a new beginning for the class.

Thought up for single-handed sailors and highly rated by them, every year they compete with each other during the many testing events.

Single-handed, double-handed or with crew? All of these are possible.

Offshore racing or regattas? There is something for everyone.

Professional skippers who wish to get their teeth into the French Offshore Racing Championship Single-handed or amateurs who wish to attempt a Solitaire du Figaro or an ocean racehave a really full dynamic circuit enriched with attractive complementary events. 

All with completely equal opportunity, on strictly identical boats; this is the slogan of the Figaro Beneteau Class.

Contact the Figaro Beneteau Class.