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Air Step®

A revolutionary hull! Thanks to Air Step® technology, performance, ease of handling and boat stability bear no relation to a standard hull and the sensations are incomparable. 


  • Performance

Reduced fuel consumption
Quicker acceleration
Maximum speed increased

  • Safety

Exceptional seakeeping
Cutting through waves made easier
Turning optimized

  • Comfort

"Air cushion" effect to the rear of the hull
Linear acceleration
Turns easily handled

How it works

fonctionnement air step

The designers


Patrick Tableau Maud Tronquez Rémi Laval-Jeantet

Beneteau products using this technology

Antares Out-Board Barracuda Flyer Gran Turismo Grand Turismo Monte Carlo
Antares 8.80 Barracuda 9 Flyer 850 EXCEPTION Gran Turismo 44 Gran Turismo 38 Monte Carlo 42
Barracuda 8 Flyer 8.8 SUNdeck Gran Turismo 40
Flyer 8.8 SPACEdeck Gran Turismo 34
Flyer 750 Sun Deck
Flyer 750 Cabrio
Flyer 7.7SPORTdeck
Flyer 7.7 SUNdeck
Flyer 7.7 SPACEdeck
Flyer 6.6 SUNdeck
Flyer 6.6 SPORTdeck
Flyer 6.6 SPACEdeck
Flyer 5.5 SUNdeck
Flyer 5.5 SPACEdeck