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The expertise of the BENETEAU network

BENETEAU has one of the largest exclusive dealer networks in the international sailing industry.

However our difference lies primarily in our professionalization!

Experience and know-how:

The Beneteau network is the oldest network in the sailing industry, since it has been in Europe for 45 years.


Present in more than 150 countries, our brand is represented by our network in a great majority of harbours. With its network of dealers, Beneteau is close to all its customers, providing them a quality service. This organization also makes Beneteau permanently willing and quick to respond to your needs


Beneteau invests a lot of energy in the professionalization of its network. The brand makes sure that each BENETEAU dealer is able to follow on-going in-house training through Beneteau Academy.

Customer satisfaction:

The Beneteau network is part of a quality improvement programme. Beneteau has organized a permanent customer satisfaction index worldwide, through which each new Beneteau customer in the last 3 years is questioned about their satisfaction in relation to the service provided by their Beneteau dealer, as well as their boat.