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BENETEAU ACADEMY is the training school for our network of dealers. The aim of this school is to reinforce the skills of our distribution network by committing them to a continued improvement process with a view to satisfying your expectations thanks to a professional quality service.

BENETEAU ACADEMY is now three years old. The school offers educational programmes to the sales, technical and managerial teams of our network focussing on five points:

  1. Integration of new dealers and workers.
  2. Applied Sales for Yacht / Powerboat Products.
  3. Marketing.
  4. Preparation, handover and boat repairs.
  5. Management and dealerships.

In 2009-2010, more than 950 people from the International Network took part in these training programmes.

Since September 2009, BENETEAU ACADEMY offers BENETEAU dealers a certified training course delivered by FFP (Fédération de Formation Professionnelle - Professional Training Federation). It is called “Improving the Management of a Sailing Dealership” It has brought the appropriate managerial know-how, dedicated to the distribution and sailing professions, to managers of dealerships.


Now with Web 2.0, BENETEAU ACADEMY is innovating with its new E-learning platform, Eureka, which it launched in September 2010. Using this distance training platform we will be able to provide product-based training for all our dealers in a user-friendly and interactive manner. This will put them in a better position to meet your requirements.

Thanks to BENETEAU ACADEMY, we will maintain our commitment to the professionalism of our teams, always be in a better position to meet the demands of our customers, and continue to be recognized as the best sailing specialists, both commercially and in our service related activities.